6 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

1. Black Mascara
Whatever your age and colouring it makes your eyes look bigger and more defined. Go for waterproof mascara to eliminate smudging- We suggest Stageline Mascara waterproof
2. Blusher
A pop of colour on your cheeks gives your face shape and brightens it. Try Stageline Velvet Blush( available in different shades)
3. A Gentle Cleanser
Our favorite is gentle cleanse from Medik8
4. A great Moisturizer & Vitamin A Serum
Morning one that is anti ageing and sunscreen for protection – Try Hydra8 Day 360 with SPF , Light and powerful with advanced ingredients that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, also available with SPF 30 which is richer and restores moisture to dry skin and evening one with anti oxidants – Hydra8 Night – the new meaning behind ’beauty sleep’
Vitamin A to prepare and renew we love Retinol 3TR from Medik8 an advanced serum that rejuvenates the skin at its most optimal time – at night.
5. A skin Improving Base
Whether you choose foundation , tinted moisturizer or BB crean research has found that evening out your skin tone makes you look younger and healthier- go for Hydra Colour Cream from Stageline Makeup.
6. Tweezers & A Brow Gel
Make the effort and you will quickly come to appreciate the face framing youth boosting impact of a groomed brow.